LPIN Podcast: Allison Maguire for Marion County Pike Township School Board

While Libertarians are sometimes dismissive of Primary Elections, owing to the partisan, private business nature of so much of the ballot, there are good reasons to vote on May 4. Ask for a ‘School Board & Issues Ballot’ so that you may cast a vote on non-partisan school board candidates, and vote on referenda and other local issues in your community.

Allison Maguire is running for school board in Pike Township, in northwest Marion County. Allison is running in tandem with local attorney Paul Ogden, in favor of more proactive maintenance of buildings, and in opposition to a $21 million referendum. Maguire points out that roughly have of property tax dollars are spent on schools, so it’s crucial to elect a Libertarian to the school boards that direct the spending.

For more info on Allison Maguire’s campaign, or to staff a polling place, visit website www.lesstaxes4pike.com, or email her at allison@lesstaxes4pike.com

Listen to the new podcast here: 043 Allison Maguire for Pike Twp School Board

The LPIN podcast is a feature of the LPIN, highlighting candidate and member efforts through direct interviews. The program is hosted by Libertarian Party of Hamilton County Chair Mike Kole. You can also subscribe through iTunes by clicking here. You can also search for this podcast in the iTunes directory.

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