LPIN leader Ryan Liedtky announces the publication of his book, Wisdom: A Prelude to Liberty

Libertarian Party of Indiana Central Committee District 2 member, Ryan Liedtky, announces the publication of his book, Wisdom: A Prelude to Liberty.

Wisdom investigates hot-button political issues such as The War on Terror, education reform, justice, taxation, health care, and many more. “The working title was Think,” Liedtky said, “because the goal of this book is not necessarily to tell people how to vote, how to think, or what to believe, but instead to get people to start thinking about the issues independent of their political party’s views.”

“Probably the most important and most exciting chapters of the book are the two chapters concerning education reform,” Liedtky said. “I suggest a One Child at a Time method where children are encouraged to learn rather than to simply memorize information. I also believe children should advance when they are ready, rather than holding children back who are intelligent enough to move forward, or pushing children forward when they do not understand what they have just been taught. Instead of making sure every child passes, we need to make sure every child learns.”

Liedtky said if his book can inspire new ideas or new candidates, no matter what party they may come from, that he will consider it a success. “I state in the book that Liberty cannot be spread by the tip of a sword or the barrel of a gun,” Liedtky said. “We must overcome our fears and end our hatred. If the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us anything, it should be that liberty and democracy cannot be spread by means of war without a violent backlash. We must offer hope to other nations by our example within our own borders, not by force or threat of force.”

The book also discusses taxes, calling property tax “unethical”. “I understand that we need to fund local projects,” Liedtky said, “but no person should be forced to pay two mortgages on their homes, one to the bank, and one to the government. There are other ways of raising the money that do not force people from their homes.”

Wisdom: A Prelude to Liberty can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and barnesandnoble.com, as well as several other book stores. It is published by Omega Publications out of Palm Springs , CA . To learn more about the book, publisher, or to contact the author, visit omegapublications.net, or send an email to rliedtky@yahoo.com.

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