LPHC: White Resignation Points To Larger District Map Problems

(A Press Release from the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County.)

The Town of Fishers has long been home to Councilors who move within the Town, and not always within the original boundaries of their District. In the past, the Council was adept enough to redraw the boundaries in order to accommodate such moves. It is only surprising, then, that this latest move by recently resigned Town Councilor Charlie White wasn’t accommodated by a redraw.

View the Maps here.

“It’s time to redraw the Town of Fishers’ district map with geography as the guiding light, not the protection of seated Councilors,” said Mike Kole, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County. “The population of the Town is very evenly distributed and would lead to a very easy redrawing of seven sensible, compact districts.”

As regards White’s resignation, it raises questions about the validity of votes he participated in.

“My concern is that any votes he participated in could be null and void. If Councilor White made motions, or seconded, or cast a deciding vote, the affected ordinances may be invalid,” said Kole, adding, “If ordinances are invalid, and there is a cost component in legal review or otherwise, it is not a burden that should be carried by the taxpayers.”


Mike Kole is a Fishers resident and Chair of the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County. Kole is available for further comment on cell 317-709-3874.

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