Libertarians Nominate Candidates for 2022

The Libertarian Party of Indiana Nominates Candidates for 2022

(Fishers, IN) The Libertarian Party of Indiana (LPIN) held its annual state convention this weekend at the Forum Event Center in Fishers, IN. Over 175 Libertarians gathered for the convention, including 131 delegates selected from 48 local county parties, to set the direction of the state party and to nominate Libertarian candidates for the 2022 election.

The annual convention kicked off Friday Night with a social event and a debate between Libertarian US Senate candidates William Henry (Elkhart) and James Sceniak (Johnson). Both candidates debated each other well and professionally. The two men articulated their approaches to the policy issues of today and engaged with the nearly 80 delegates and members of the public in attendance.

On Saturday at the start of the convention, LPIN Chair Evan McMahon awarded Certificates of Affiliation to members from local county parties that were formed since the 2021 state convention, including Monroe, Hendricks, Owen, and Jackson counties.

LPIN membership then nominated candidates for the 2022 election for US Senate, Secretary of State, State Auditor, three Congressional districts, and multiple State House seats.

In the contested race for the US Senate seat, the delegates selected James Sceniak as the Libertarian candidate for United States Senator.

“I’m honored by this nomination, and I look forward to bringing a fresh, modern approach to Washington, D.C.!” Sceniak exclaimed from the main stage to a standing ovation after receiving the party’s nomination.

McMahon then said, “Unlike the other parties, Libertarians both welcome and encourage competition in contested races. These two gentlemen have spent the past year campaigning for this nomination and they have done it with professionalism and class. They have made each other and their campaigns stronger for it. Thank you both for being great examples of Libertarians.”

In a powerful show of unity, more than a dozen delegates, including former state chairs and 2020 Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Donald Rainwater, rose to nominate Jeffrey Maurer (Hamilton) for Secretary of State. Maurer was unable to attend the convention, due to his active military service, but accepted the nomination in a pre-recorded video message. Maurer will return from active military service in a few weeks and will immediately hit the campaign trail as the Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State.

The LPIN delegates also nominated John Schick (Porter) for State Auditor, Gavin Maple (Marion) for 7th Congressional District, Andrew Horning (Owen) for 8th Congressional District, Tonya Millis (Lawrence) for 9th Congressional District, Josh Vergiels (Kosciusko) for State House district 22, Morgan Rigg (DeKalb) for State House District 52, Jada Burton (Vanderburgh) for State House district 78, and others who are completing their paperwork.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana will continue to recruit, vet, and nominate candidates up and down the ballot over the next few months.

After the close of the business meeting, LPIN members were recognized for the hard work and dedication during the annual awards banquet. At which this year’s keynote speaker was 2020 Libertarian Presidential candidate, Dr. Jo Jorgensen. Dr. Jorgensen recapped and reported on her campaign and highlighted Indiana’s growth and strength as a Libertarian stronghold. Including a national heat map of her 2020 votes by county.

Citing the strength of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, the 2020 Presidential Candidate stated, “On a map showing Libertarian votes, Indiana lights up like a Christmas tree!”

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is demonstrating that it is willing to put in the work to see Libertarians get elected and the message of Liberty to be spread across this great state!

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