Libertarians In The News!

Our candidates are getting great press! Several times a week, if not daily, our candidates at the national and local levels are getting positive (or at least fair) press coverage. We post these on our Facebook page as they come out, so please be sure to “like” us to get the most current information.

“An Opening For Libertarians?” – “Both Democrats John Gregg and Joe Donnelly as well as Republicans Mike Pence and Richard Mourdock may have trouble with the segments of their party which are not as conservative as they are on some issues and Brad Klopfenstein tells Indy Politics that might be where Libertarians have an opening.”

“Letter to the Editor: Consider Chard Reid” – “We need someone who will take his oath to the constitution seriously. Fortunately, there will be someone who fits that description on the ballot in November and he isn’t a Republican or a Democrat. He is Libertarian Chard Reid.”

“Survivor’s Rupert vying to make his Libertarian candidacy, party relevant” – “And even with the fall election still half-a-year away, [Rupert] Boneham — who faces no primary challenger — said another big part of his campaign is to introduce a lot of people to the idea that a third party candidate can be elected governor. “I want to show people that I am that voice of reason,” Boneham said.”

“Rupert, of Survivor Fame Tells AWA Why He’s Running For Indiana’s Next Governor” – “Now he wants to give back to Indiana as our state’s next Governor. Rupert is the Libertarian candidate for Governor. In his first interview with Indiana Black media on Afternoons with Amos, Rupert explains why he’s running and the issues of importance to him. They include reducing government administrative costs, reducing incarceration of non-violent offenders, bringing jobs to Indiana, restoring vocational education and more.”

“Indiana Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Favors Marriage Amendment” – “Boneham continued, “The protections in the Indiana and U.S. Constitutions apply to each and every one of us. We aren’t supposed to have second class citizens in this country and we won’t stand by and allow there to be second class Hoosiers.”

“The Gary effect” – “The PPP poll in New Hampshire yesterday showed the Libertarian candidate getting 7 percent, in a matchup in the state where the president took 53 percent to Romney’s 41 percent. [Gary] Johnson“draws a little bit more from Romney than Obama, increasing the president’s lead in the state to 13 points at 51-38,” the pollsters at the Democratic firm wrote.”

“Gary Johnson 2.0: The Libertarians’ new choice for president” – “I got a leg up on Obama when it comes to civil liberties,” Johnson said. “I crush Obama when it comes to dollars and cents. I think I have a leg up on Romney when it comes to dollars and cents and I think I crush him on civil liberties.”

Gov. Gary Johnson, Rupert Boneham, and Andrew Horning are all appearing today on The Gary Snyder Show on 1400 WBAT – Huntington, IN. Click here to listen live from 3 to 6 PM (EST), or get the podcast.
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