Libertarian Solutions for Indiana and the Nation

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is committed to showing voters that Libertarianism is not an abstract ideal. It is a workable philosophy for modern politics. Several months ago, our staff put together two documents for our candidates to identify problems and solutions in not only Indiana politics, but national politics as well. We are releasing it now to help our supporters find quick and accurate facts while they persuade friends and neighbors during this campaign season.

  • The Federal Government: Problems and Solutions for Today’s Problems, Download Here.
  • Indiana State and Local Government: Problems and Solutions for Today’s Problems, Download Here.

Listen to a podcast on the design and idea of this research with Chris Spangle.

Examine the Indiana Constitution with annotations by Indiana 2008 Gubernatorial candidate Andy Horning.

The philosophy behind these documents:

We started with a Gallup poll identifying what most Americans care about the most: Jobs, the economy, health care, education, and entitlements like Social Security. We then set out to identify the problem with government. Why do we consider our Federal government to be too big? Why do libertarians want to see a reformation in education? What are the ways that governments take money out of a taxpayer’s pocket? This information has been sourced as much as possible.

Then we set out to identify solutions that can be immediately acted upon in Washington and Indianapolis. We wanted to give everyone an idea of some ways to fix the major issues in a Libertarian direction. This is not an official platform, these are not the beliefs of every Libertarian. A discussion of ideas is what our political system is about.

Lastly, we also wanted to include a brief examination of both the Federal and Indiana Constitutions to show a different view from what many have been taught through out their education.

Who put this research together?

  • The bulk of the research was compiled by Peter Soldato, an intern/employee trainee over the summer of 2010.
  • Executive Director Chris Spangle edited the document, and shaped the overall end of the research.
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