Libertarian Party Responds to HJR-3 Committee Vote

(Indianapolis, Indiana) Following the House Elections and Appropriations Committee 9-3 vote to pass House Joint Resolution 3 (HJR-3) out of committee, Libertarian Party of Indiana State Chairman Dan Drexler issued the following statement:

“We clearly knew better than to expect a surprise rejection of this resolution tonight. The fact that the committee spent nearly five hours wasting time listening to testimony on a foregone conclusion speaks to the level of contempt committee members and the Indiana GOP hold voters.”

“Let’s be clear. The issue at hand is not whether voters have a say, it is whether Speaker Brian Bosma was able to have his own personal say. Lost in this debate is the basic truth that the tyranny of a majority should not be able to strip away the liberties of a minority voice.”

“Bosma’s actions this session as well as those of the committee members is going to make it hard to select a Libertarian of the Year at April’s convention. We typically reserve that award for a libertarian, but Bosma may be doing more to grow the Libertarian Party this year than any action one of our Party members could take.”

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