Libertarian Party of Steuben County Elects Officers


from the Libertarian Party of Steuben County
Release date: March 31, 2011
Contact: Ken Bisson, Chairman
(260) 833-6700

On March 30, 2011 the Libertarian Party of Steuben
County held their Annual Business Convention in Angola.
Party officers were elected for the next two years. These
are Chairman, Ken Bisson; Vice Chairman, Tom Meisner;
Treasurer, Ellen Bisson; and Secretary, Erika Stewart.

Selected to serve as Steuben County delegates at
the 2011 State Convention of the Libertarian Party of Indiana
were William Leider and Ellen Bisson. Planning for elections
during the next two years began.

A meeting for setting goals and creating a policy
focus for the local Party was set for Thursday, May 5 in
Angola. Interested community members are invited to attend.
Individuals interested in more information about the Libertarian
Party of Steuben County are invited to contact Steuben County
Chairman Ken Bisson at(260) 833-6700. View our facebook page
for details of future meetings.

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