Libertarian Party of St. Joseph County Speaks Out on Voter Fraud


Statement on the charges brought against former Democrat Party County Chairman Butch Morgan and three Voter Registration Office employees:

The Libertarian Party of St. Joseph County commends the efforts of St. Joseph County Prosecutor Mike Dvorak and his staff for moving forward with an investigation into alleged forgery and petition fraud claims surrounding the 2008 presidential election.

Ron Cenkush, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of St. Joseph County commented:

“The importance of ensuring fair and transparent elections should not fall upon partisan political lines. We appreciate the efforts of Prosecutor Dvorak. We hope the investigation and subsequent charges signal a turning point away from the ‘politics as usual’ approach to governing we have lived under for decades.”

“The Libertarian Party has long stood for true electoral law reform in our state at both state and local levels. While the charges of forgery and petition fraud in this case are isolated to the 2008 petition process, we would encourage a keener eye be given to our absentee voting system and poll place electioneering. I cannot underscore enough the importance of ensuring the integrity of our elections.”

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