Libertarian Party of Indiana Statement on Indiana Redistricting Maps

“As of today, both the Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly have released potential redistricting maps for the next decade’s elections,” said Sam Goldstein, State Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. “The previous Secretary of State, Republican Todd Rokita, put forth a common sense approach that would keep communities together. It is unfortunate that his plans were tossed aside.

Goldstein continued, “For example, State Senate district 28 stretches from Irvington in Indianapolis to the East edge of Henry County past Knightstown, IN. These two communities have different needs, and they deserve representation that serves those needs. Irvington is in the middle of the state’s largest city, and Knightstown, 30 miles away, is surrounded by farms.”

“The solution is an end to politicians choosing their voters. An independent commission should be written in to the Indiana Constitution within the next 10 years to ensure that voters are choosing their politicians. Hoosiers deserve to have fair and competitive districts. An end to Gerrymandering is essential to a vibrant republic. For the first time, these ideas were proposed at the beginning of this session, but died when the House Democrats walked out on their jobs for 5 weeks.”

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