Libertarian Party of Indiana reelects Sam Goldstein as Chairman

LAPORTE, IN – On April 30, Libertarians from around Indiana gathered to elect their leadership for the next two years. Delegates have reelected Sam Goldstein as the chair of the state’s largest third party. Jerry Titus of Howard County was elected to serve as Vice Chair, replacing Dan Drexler of LaPorte County. Dale Wedel of Hendricks County was reelected as the state party’s treasurer, and John Schick of Porter County will remain as the party’s secretary. Chris Spangle also remains as the Executive Director.

“I want to thank the convention delegates for their support in electing me to serve a second term as the Chair of the LPIN,” said Sam Goldstein. “The past two years have seen great progress in the ability of our candidates to compete with the old parties at all levels from U.S. Senate to local town councils and to have an impact well beyond expectations. With the support of our new vice chair, Jerry Titus and the continued efforts of reelected treasurer, Dale Wedel and secretary, John Schick and the rest of the central committee, I look forward to this year’s municipal elections and the 2012 state and national election with the hope of LPIN victories around the state.”

“I am greatly honored to have been selected as the new vice chair,” said Jerry Titus. “I am most grateful for the opportunity to help take our party to the next level. I look forward to working with the State Central Committee, and libertarians throughout the state, to continue building our party. I’m very excited to introduce some ideas and projects I’ve been working on for awhile that dovetail perfectly with my new job. I will be working to develop a program I call RELATE that defines and organizes the tasks needed to build a party. I will be rolling out more information on RELATE in the week or so, and have already begun recruiting members for our operational focus committees. Again, it’s a great honor to have been elected, and I promise to do my best.”

Leadership for the State Central Committee was also selected this weekend to serve a one year term. The SCC is the governing body of the party. The members are as follows:

  • 1st District: Beth Duensing, Lake County
  • 2nd District: Doug Barnes, LaPorte County
  • 3rd District: Doug Horner, Allen County
  • 4th District: Jim Rainwater, Boone County
  • 5th District: Rob Place, Hamilton County
  • 6th District: Jeremiah Morrell, Henry County
  • 7th District: Josh Featherstone, Marion County
  • 8th District: Vacant
  • 9th District: Greg Hertzsch, Clark County


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