Libertarian Party of Indiana has a Record 68 Candidates! More Still Needed

The Libertarian Party of Indiana has just updated their 2010 Candidates site.

The party has a record 68 candidates! The Libertarian Party of Indiana has never had this many candidates at this point during election season.

Look at the list. If you see that there is no Libertarian running in your area, we need YOU to run or put your name on the ballot. If you are concerned about your Country and State, now isn’t the time for shrinking violets!

We can’t encourage people to vote libertarian if we don’t have someone on the ballot.It’s not possible if our most committed activists don’t put their name on the ballot!

We have until June 20th to appoint Libertarians to a ballot vacancy. We are especially looking for committed libertarians to run for State Legislative offices. There are currently 38 legislators running unopposed in 2010.

Please fill this form out and return it to ASAP!

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