Libertarian Party Asks, “Where’s Tim Berry?”

One would think being State Chairman of the Republican Party in Indiana would be a comfortable position. You have a Republican governor. You have Republican control of the Indiana House of Representatives. You have a super-majority in the Republican-controlled Indiana Senate.

So why is Indiana GOP Chairman Tim Berry conspicuously quiet this year? 1543777_10203430679356067_2003274278_n

Could it be he knows the fringe right-wing social agenda adopted by Speaker of the House Brian Bosma is set to undermine his chairmanship? Or, could it be he’s working frantically behind the scenes trying to just hold the party’s clear factions together?

“It must be kind of like being an NBA basketball coach with a team of aging all-stars,” offered Libertarian Party State Chairman Dan Drexler. “He really wants Bosma to pass the ball off, but Bosma insists on taking shots from beyond the 3-point arc.”

In a news article reported by Dan Carden of NWI Times, it is apparent Speaker Bosma is struggling to come up with the committee votes needed to pass Indiana’s Marriage Amendment, HJR-3, out of committee. Bosma’s response to that struggle appears to be to remove GOP committee members from their seats on that committee. “Members serve at the pleasure of the speaker,” Bosma was reported to say.

It is clearly time Chairman Berry let us know who is running Indiana’s GOP. It is clearly time Berry let the public know where he stands on HJR-3.

“It’s time they consider benching their speaker,” proposed Drexler. “Committee members may serve at the pleasure of the speaker, but all legislators serve at the pleasure of the voters. Bosma’s heavy handed tactics to get his personal agenda through this legislative session need to be called out by his own party’s leadership.”

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