Libertarian Indianapolis City-County Councilor Coleman Introduces Proposal to Remove TSA from Indy Airport

Indianapolis City-County Councilor Ed Coleman (L) has introduced a proposal to to refuse further service from the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) at the Indianapolis airport. The airport could then hire its own security, or contract it out to a private firm.

The City-Council can recommend this change to the Indianapolis Airport Authority, an independent municipal corporation. Read the text of Proposal 337, 2010 by clicking here.

Indianapolis residents can support this proposal in a few ways:

  1. Call or Email City-Councilors. Find their information here.
  2. The proposal will appear before the Municipal Committee next Monday night. Please attend the meeting and ask for its passage. The meeting starts at 5:30 PM at the City-County Building in room 118.
  3. Contact the Councilors of the committee. It has to pass to committee to be voted on (and passed) by the full council. Most controversial bills are killed in committee because politicians think supporters or opponents of a proposal are not paying attention. Please politely write them and remind them that is false.
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