Letter to the Editor: Proposal 39

A letter to the Editor from Tony J. Keeler, Precinct Organizer, Perry 24, Libertarian Party of Marion Co.


Libertarian City-County Councilman at- large Ed Coleman has introduced Proposal 39, amending a current ordinance prohibiting carrying a hand gun in public parks and trails. I have seen signs at parks prohibiting weapons, but was unaware that it included adults with a right to carry permit.

Criminals pay no attention to such ordinances or “signs”, but feel that most others will, being easy targets for assault. If assailants were to assume that every adult is armed, assaults would decline dramatically.

What arrogance, shown on behalf of the Council , to supersede state laws or the 2nd Amendment ! If we are to truly have a society of freedom and individual sovereignty, then we possess an unalienable right to defend ourselves with what means we choose, and take individual responsibility for our actions.

If you agree with my insight and comments, please contact your councilors and Mayor Ballard’s office in support of Proposal 39 prior to the February 25th Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.

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