Letter to the Editor: Consider Chard Reid

(Originally posted in the Chronicle-Tribune in Marion, IN this previous weekend)

Recently, former U.S. attorney Susan Brooks won the Fifth Congressional District’s GOP primary. I have heard it said that she is a favorite of the tea-partiers. But if tea-partiers are looking for someone who is truly fiscally conservative and will fight to protect them from the federal government’s war on the constitution, they should take notice of Chard Reid. Unlike Brooks, Chard Reid actually understands economics (he is a high school economics teacher) and has a plan to tackle the dire problems facing Social Security and Medicare. He also supports a full audit of the the Federal Reserve. Brooks doesn’t even mention these issues on her website. It seems many conservatives will vote for any Republican out of loyalty to the party. But how loyal has the party been to you? Bush and the Republicans spent nearly twice as much as Clinton (who himself was a big spender) and increased the federal budget by 104 percent! When congress was under the GOP’s control, they seemed to do nothing but find more ways to spend your money and reduce your liberties. Why should we trust them any longer? The Fifth District needs someone who is passionate about liberty and actually understands how harmful the government’s actions are to the economy. We need someone who will take his oath to the constitution seriously. Fortunately, there will be someone who fits that description on the ballot in November and he isn’t a Republican or a Democrat. He is Libertarian Chard Reid.

Brandon McKnight, Gas City

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