La Porte County LP: 34 Million Reasons for Greater Transparency

(La Porte, Indiana) The recently filed Indiana State Board of Accounts audit of LaPorte County’s finances has brought to light serious issues with the finances and operations of our county government. Audit highlights include $34 Million in unaccounted funds, lax credit card policies and unreconciled accounts for the year 2012.

In learning these findings, the County Attorney, County Commissioners and County Auditor have assured us all that measures and policy changes have been made to correct all outstanding issues.

We are told that unaccounted funds have been accounted for, new credit card usage policies are in place and that all accounts are now reconciled with bank statements along with monthly reports to the State.

Maybe so, but where’s the proof for the citizens of La Porte County?

The Libertarian Party of LaPorte County believes that the biggest lesson being ignored as a result of the state’s audit is the dire need for openness and transparency of our county government.

Out of the need for greater transparency, the Libertarian Party of LaPorte County calls for the County Commissioners,County Council and Auditor to make the following information available online at the county’s website within 30 days:

  • Current credit card usage policy and list of current credit cardholders
  • Monthly credit card statements for all county credit cards (Jan. 2012 – present)
  • Auditor’s new procedures for receipting money into our financial system, procedures and crosschecks
  • Monthly list of county payments, accounts, auditor reports and all bank statements (Jan. 2012 – present)
  • A report on how the $34 million was reconciled

Only through greater transparency can we, the citizens of La Porte County, achieve more honesty and integrity with our county government.

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