Keep the Libertarian Party Moving Forward

In the year 2010, the Libertarian Party saw a major shift of voters towards our message. We have many projects this year that we’d like to accomplish: building a federation of college libertarians, starting a printed Liberty Beacon, creating LPIN door hangers to give to your neighbors, and much more. All of these projects are designed to achieve our goal of electing Libertarians to office.

Will you be a part of our continued success through your financial giving?

  • If 16 Libertarian Party members give $30 per month, we could print thousands of newspapers to send to members and distribute through out our local communities 4 times a year.
  • If 10 new members join the 1994 Society at $10 per month, the LPIN could put together College Organizing Kits to develop a farm system of campaign volunteers permanently.
  • Even with a one-time donation, it allows for special projects to move forward immediately. With a one-time donation of $400, we would have the funding to print 5,000 LPIN door hangers for use by our candidates and precinct organizers through the May primaries.
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