Jeremiah Morrell: Keep pushing the same button, keep getting the same result

Tonight the campaign stopped in Knightstown at the world famous Hoosier Gym. Candidates from offices ranging from Superintendent of Public Instruction down to County Council and School Board were in attendance. There were about 50 Knightstown residents in the stands, listening to all of us speak.

I am proud to say that I talked about the same principles tonight as we have throughout the campaign. By voting for Libertarians such as myself, you cast a ballot for more freedom, less government, and free markets.

The support that I have received at events has been a thrill. After every event, other candidates come up to me, telling me about how well I spoke…I don’t believe that I speak particularly well. I just deliver the same message as our other Libertarian candidates. If you want something different from your government, you have to choose something different. I hope that some of the other parties candidates listened to my message, and Rex Bell’s message tonight.

My race is a very low risk decision for voters. Since this is a two way race, (No Democrat), there is no risk of accidentally getting the wrong fellow elected. Tonight in my summation, I stated that if you keep pressing the same button in the ballot box, you keep getting the same results. Almost every candidate talks about the same issues, jobs, roads, education, transparency in government. But yet it never seems to change…Four years from now, the same candidates will probably be making the same statements.

If you want limited government, you need to vote for limited government. These next few weeks are going to be exciting! It might actually happen.


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