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In the first of our series of “Why Are You Running” columns 2nd Congressional District candidate, Libertarian Joe Ruiz, explains why he’s running for the office.

For the last six years I have worked with the at-risk youth in Mishawaka. While working with these children and their families has been an extremely rewarding experience I have decided that it is time to try and serve in a different capacity. The more I follow politics the more I realize that our government’s insistence on overspending, overregulating, and over involving themselves in almost every aspect our lives is putting us all at-risk. Washington needs an independent voice that is not bound by blind partisanship. As a Libertarian I will stand firmly on my belief in limited government while at the same time forming coalitions on specific issues with members of all parties to realize that end.

While in Office I Will:

  1. Not participate in the Gridlock: Independence is my advantage. I will actively seek alliances from all parties to meet specific results. There are areas where Democrats want less government involvement (militarism, marriage legislation) just as there are areas where Republicans want less government (taxation, health care, regulations on small businesses). I will use those areas to foster positive relationships and implement solutions wherever possible.
  2. Be an Advocate for Peace: For a majority of my life the United States has been involved in some form of military interventionism overseas. This is not financially responsible nor is it sustainable. We put our men and women in harm’s way for political interests, not for cause of Liberty. That is unacceptable. I will stand against unconstitutional wars demanding a congressional declaration when war is necessary. I will also call for our troops to be brought home to their families immediately. Doing so will be beneficial to our national security as well as our economy despite what some in Washington would have us believed.
  3. Fight for Transparency: Real people are so frustrated with the Federal Government these days because they no longer feel like their government represents them. They have no idea what is going on in Washington and that is not okay. I will fight for full transparency in government. My constituents will always know why I vote the way that I vote and where I stand. In addition I will favor audits of government agencies as well as the Federal Reserve to identify waste and promote efficiency.

Unlike my opponents I have an incentive to succeed. If a Republican or a Democrat gets put into office and they go back on their promises those parties will run a new candidate two years from now with new promises to break. However, there are no Libertarian Party Representatives currently in Congress. If I am elected and I go back on my word it’s very possible that the people will never take a chance on a Libertarian again. To advance the ideas of liberty I have no room for failure.

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