I’m Thankful for You!

First, thank you for an amazing year. I have loved every minute of serving you in my role as Executive Director over the last 12 months. I can assure you that 2010 will be a year that will forever transform both the LPIN and Indiana politics. I thank you for all the hard work that you have put in beside me in the last 12 months to grow the LPIN. But Thanksgiving is not just a day to give thanks for our friends, families, and blessings.

It is also a day to remember the sacrifice that generations before us made in the name of liberty.

From the 1600’s to now, generations have fought powers that seek to maintain power. They’ve fought for religious freedom, personal freedom, freedom to associate, freedom to write and speak what you wish, against racial injustice, the freedom to cast a ballot, and now financial freedom and personal choice.

How disgraced our generation will be if we are the ones that cast this fight aside, and settle in to the comfortable, loving arms of dysfunctional Uncle Sam?

Through the Libertarian Party, we can begin to change the way our government views us. We are not their servants. We are not an endless source of revenue. We are not powerless to stop them.

I joined the Libertarian Party because it is not a political party made of professional politicians and hired guns. It does not have to fight special interests and good old boy networks within itself to affect change. We are beholden to no one.

If you are reading this, you are the Libertarian Party, and without your efforts, we cannot grow. For 2010 to be the transformational year that it can be, we will need your help:

1. We need your help in growing your County Party, and making an impact on local politics. We need you to spread the message to friends and neighbors that we’re here. Help build the groundwork for candidates in your area. Please become a member today.
2. We need your name on the ballot. Our voting base expects a Libertarian choice in their area. We need you to spread the libertarian message in your area!
3. We need your financial support to continue growing the organization through our staff and their tools. Please become a sustaining 1994 Society today. It’s as little as $10 a month (the cost of a day’s lunch), and it is imperative to our growth.

I believe that sitting on the sidelines in 2010 is not an option because the Libertarian Party is only as strong as it’s membership allows it to be.


Chris Spangle, Executive Director

Libertarian Party of Indiana

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