House Democrats Kill Independent Redistricting Commission That Would End Gerrymandering

At last count, 23 bills were killed by the House Democrats fleeing Indiana yesterday to avoid a quorum. Meeting quorum meant a vote had to be taken on several important bills.

One of the worst victims of this political stunt is a nonpartisan redistricting commission, HJR 0001. This would establish a commission to draw electoral districts, and be an enormous step towards ending Gerrymandering. It would take map drawing out of the hands of politicians. Gerrymandering means politicians choose their voters instead of voters choosing their politicians.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana has been a long advocate for this commission. To find out more on responsible redistricting, please visit here.

The House Democrats also failed to meet today, February 23. This puts many house bills in jeopardy. From the Indianapolis Star:

A: Key deadlines were looming when House Democrats walked out. Tuesday was the last day for 23 bills — including the so-called “right to work” legislation — that had cleared committees to also clear a procedural hurdle so they could be presented to the full House. Unless the Democrats returned, the bills would be dead.

Thursday is the deadline for 25 other bills to have their “second reading” — basically, to be presented for further amendment on the House floor. Friday, any House bill that hasn’t received an up-or-down vote by the full chamber will be dead. (However, particularly with the budget bill, there is some room for creative options — such as having the Senate add a bill’s language into another bill that has cleared the House.)

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