Horning for Senate: Bad Scotus, Now what?

(Originally posted at Horning for Senate)

Well of course the ruling, led by Republican-appointed Chief Justice Roberts, was unconstitutional. All key aspects of our Rule Of Law were breached. As businesses and individuals are treated to harshly dividing taxes, punishments, subsidies and perks, equality under law has been overruled. The clear limitations of political authority as federally defined in the US Constitution’s Article I Section 8, and clarified by the Tenth Amendment, have been swept away. And forget about that intentionally misunderstood “Commerce Clause;” now people are forced to enter commerce to buy a product they do not want, need, and/or cannot afford.

Some may call this a good thing; either cheering in victory, or waving it as a rallying flag for the GOP.

But this is not a good thing. This is the result of a culture that has lost its way. It is a symptom of a much greater disease.

If any good is to come of this horrible decision, it will have to be in the form of an epiphany among those who have the power to change everything.

We The People have all the power to choose. We choose how we’re to live our lives, and whether to turn dangerous power over to abstractions and idols…or not.

I represent what has been a minority opinion so far. I understand that what I offer is not what We The People have chosen so far.

But there is more to politics than bookmaking odds and tolerating corruption. Politics is all about our historical default state of oppression, slavery, genocide and war…and whether we’d like to try something both different, and better.


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