Horning and Frey Release Joint Statement on Announced EPA Mandates

(Evansville, Indiana) Andrew Horning and Mike Frey, Libertarian Party candidates for U.S. House in Indiana’s southern districts, released the following joint statement today regarding the EPA’s recent announcement mandating a 20% reduction in power plant carbon emissions:

Now is a very bad time to suppress market forces with heavy-handed regulation; regulation that is also unconstitutional, illegal, and obviously politically corrupt.

“It’s good that ‘green technology’ is taking off in the business world. The market is starting to produce economically attractive alternative energy sources for citizens as well as businesses and energy suppliers. Now would be a great time for politicians to lay off the heavy corporate subsidies and let the market innovate to the benefit of both businesses and citizens,” commented Horning.

Horning is the Libertarian Party candidate in Indiana’s 8th Congressional District. Frey is the party’s candidate in the 9th District.

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