Help Phil Miller for Greenfield Mayor in the Closing Weeks!

Dear Friends,

Many of you have offered to help the Miller for Mayor campaign. We have six weeks before the elections and at this point I have two ways you can take action.

1- We could use several people that can spend time on the phone. I have notes that I’ve gathered in my conversations with voters. I left many of those with positive feelings. I need people that can call these folks back and say… “Phil Miller told me that you may be interested in having a Phil Miller for Mayor sign in your yard. Can we do that?” After they answer, you thank them, take note of yes or no and go to the next call.

2- I’ve been knocking on doors for about 3 weeks now and have touched about 20% of the city. I can’t see everyone at this rate. I need people that will leave flyers on folks doors. I’m not asking you to talk to people at all. Just leave flyers on the door knobs. This can be done at anytime you want but I need a commitment that it will be done and I’ll need to work with you on where so that we don’t duplicate any work. We will deliver the flyers to you and let you pick any open areas that you would like to do.

If you are interested in helping please contact Jeremiah at 317-938-2661 or send me an email at

You are appreciated!
-Miller for Mayor-

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