Goldstein: Run for Office, and Make A Difference

Voters have a tremendous amount of frustration with America’s two-party system, and they are looking for alternatives. They are looking for fresh solutions and candidates with principles. Never has there been a moment where this country has been more open to the message of libertarianism, and it’s up to our party to seize this moment. We need libertarians like you to run for office.
By running for office, our candidates spread the libertarian message of limited government and personal responsibility through campaign activities like canvassing, media interviews, and debates.
Our leadership and staff work hard to ensure that developing a successful campaign is easy. Running for office can be intimidating but we prepare our candidates through websites like the Libertarian Training Center, LP 101, and, through training events like the one being held this weekend, and the consultation of our full-time Executive Director.
If you’re ready to make a difference, please fill out this survey and then check out our resources page to get and overview of our process.
Thank you,
Sam Goldstein
LPIN State Chairman
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