Social Media Volunteer

If you would like to help with social media outreach for the Indiana Johnson/Weld Campaign or the Libertarian Party of Indiana, please email Rodney Benker, LPIN Vice Chair at: Indicate which organization you would like to volunteer for, and which position(s) interest you most. The below positions are for both Johnson and LPIN needs; you are welcome to choose one or both of the organizations. A special note to Students: those who choose to be a Content Curator will be using a corporate class Social Media Management System. This is a good opportunity for you to get practical experience!

Creative Team (2 – 4 people needed) – The Creative Team will be creating fresh content for the LPIN and/or Indiana Johnson/Weld Campaign including the LPIN Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest (future), and Instagram (future).

  1. Writers – The writer will be capable of writing all or any of:

    1. “News style” articles
    2. Press Releases
    3. Articles of Influence
  2. Meme Creators – LPIN/Johnson branded and unbranded
  3. Video Creators – animated or with camera


  1. Page Builder (2 to 6 people needed) – The Facebook Page Builder is the hub of organic page growth for the page. First and foremost, the volunteer’s role is to “like” every shared post and to invite every post’s “like”. This task can be a job in its own right, and is extremely important; this is the primary focus for the Facebook Page Builder. This task requires access to a PC or device capable of running the full web version of Facebook as mobile apps do not allow for full completion, only partial.
    A secondary role will be to respond to messages sent to the page, if only to reply that someone will be with them shortly should a volunteer be unable to adequately resolve the message. This is needed to keep our rapid response badge active which helps page relevancy in Facebook’s algorithms.
  2. Content Curator (5 people needed) – A page is nothing without good content. When a full complement of volunteers are on staff, all social media will post every 2 hours, 24/7. These volunteers will be working as staff on our Social Media Management Platform and will be responsible for finding and scheduling content in their timeslots for their chosen focus, 7 days a week. All scheduled content will have an approval process; this is a function of the management platform.
    Note: the Indiana for Johnson/Weld social media outlets will only be publishing news, video, and memes about the Johnson Campaign. Schedules and assignments of the 12 daily posts will be divided equally between the volunteers.

    Libertarian Party of Indiana:

    1. Libertarian Education – two posts per day
    2. Libertarian news or Johnson news – two posts per day
    3. Indiana Candidate news or share – two posts per day
    4. LPIN County page share – two posts per day
    5. LPIN meme – two posts per day


LPIN Twitter Builder (1 person needed) – This person will be working specifically with Twitter via the Sendible Social Media Management Platform. The role is focused on fostering follower relations, social listening and monitoring with limited interaction, Twitter follower development. The Twitter Builder will not be responsible for tweeting content, as that will be scheduled for them. However, as a method of growing follower base, retweeting outside tweets or retweeting LPIN posted content to tag outside people or influencers will be necessary.

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