Free OPH Kits for Libertarian Student Groups

Dear Friend of Liberty,

The Advocates for Self-Government recently made this very generous offer:

FREE OPH KITS FOR LIBERTARIAN STUDENT GROUPS: We’re giving our acclaimed OPH (Operation Politically Homeless) outreach kits to libertarian student groups FREE — if they simply promise to use them a minimum of three times a year and send us photos documenting their OPH activity. OPH — praised as the best recruiting tool in the libertarian movement — normally sells for $50.00. Contact us for information on getting your free OPH kit. Email:

These kits feature the world-famous World’s Smallest Political Quiz. I think the World’s Smallest Political Quiz is by far the best marketing tool ever created to help Libertarians quickly explain the difference between Democrats (liberal), Republicans (conservative), and Libertarians.

I first encountered the World’s Smallest Political Quiz at an OPH booth hosted by local Libertarians on the University of Michigan campus in 1996. I joined the Libertarian Party shortly after that eye-opening experience. I’ve been a big user and promoter of OPH booths ever since!

Almost every time I’ve ever been asked to present to a student group, I bring an OPH kit, and that’s true whether it’s a college or high school class. Administering the World’s Smallest Political Quiz is such a great way to get the conversation started.

I’ve hosted OPH booths at art fairs, political rallies, Bob Marley festivals, gun shows…all kinds of places. I don’t always bring the whole kit. Sometimes just a part of it that is convenient to carry.

Right now, I think the greatest opportunity for using OPH kits is at Tea Party protests. Simply set up a poster chart on an easel, or attach it to a pole to attract attention. Administer the Quiz to attendees (who are often looking for something interesting to do while standing there) and collect the email addresses of attendees who score libertarian.

As a candidate for county commissioner in Texas, I sometimes brought the kits to candidate forums. As Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas, I handed out dozens of ready-to-use kits to Libertarian Party activists, including candidates and student group leaders. Emily Cowan, an activist in Austin, Texas, has been hosting booths at a monthly festival for the last three years.

I urge all Libertarian activists, especially student activists, to take a look at these OPH outreach kits offered by the Advocates for Self-Government.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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