Former Libertarian Party of Indiana State Chairman Mark Rutherford to run for Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair

Mark Rutherford, LPIN state chairman for 7 years, has announced that he is seeking the Vice Chair position on the national level. Rutherford has partnered with Wayne Allyn Root, who is seeking the Chair position at May’s national convention.

“It is an exciting time politically for the libertarian message,” said Rutherford. “There is a huge opportunity to capture a large part of the libertarian leaning public. But the Libertarian Party must get its house in order. It must reach out to major media and it must grow an organization worthy to be called a national party.”

“Wayne Root is the rare Libertarian who has the chutzpah to intelligently thrust himself into the media and get its attention. He has a vision of the Libertarian Party being worthy of calling itself a national party. He has a background of success in business and his personal life. The party must have a visible leader and is primed for his leadership.”

“With someone like Wayne running for national chair, it seemed like a good time for me to return to the Libertarian National Committee because my ability and background is in building organizations. I have extensive nonprofit board service and have helped taken several boards to the next level. The Libertarian Party of Indiana grew, stabilized and solidified into a real political player in Indiana politics during my seven year tenure as State Chairman. I am also a shareholder and officer of a growing law firm in Indianapolis which involves daily management issues. Thus, it seems like a good time to serve the LP through my leadership and organizational abilities.”

“Since Wayne Root provides vision, leadership and media visibility, and with my organizational and management skills, it just made sense for me to seek to be the Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Party under the leadership of Wayne.”

Wayne Allyn Root, Ernie Hancock, John Jay Meyers, and representatives of George Phillies and Mark Hinkle will participate in a debate on April 24th at the Libertarian Party of Indiana state convention. Please register now to meet the candidates!

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