Final appeal for national membership!

In Indiana there will be not two but at least 3 candidates for president on the 2016 ballot. Next year the Republicans and Democrats will each come together for the coronations of their presidential candidates. There will also be a Libertarian Party candidate for president. That candidate will be selected next Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, Florida and it will be no coronation. JOIN NOW!

As a veteran of many national conventions, I can assure you that you never can be sure of the winner until the last round of votes has been cast. I attended one convention where the candidate was not nominated until he beat None of the above (NOTA) by one vote. I have seen dark horse candidates come from behind and win the nomination. Libertarian Party conventions are real conventions, not media events.

You can help determine who will provide Hoosier voters a choice in 2016. The size of the Indiana delegation to the national convention is determined by a formula factoring in our votes for the last Libertarian presidential candidate and our national party membership on October 31, 2015. JOIN NOW!

In 2012 Indiana gave Gary Johnson the highest percentage of Libertarian votes this side of the Mississippi; that part of the delegation equation is set. Your $25 membership in the national party will help increase the size of Indiana’s delegation to Orlando. Hoosier common sense has often played a major role at national conventions and this next one will need that common sense.

Although you would not know it from the mainline press, the Libertarian Party also has a number of candidates vying for the nomination. Like the Republicans we have some candidates that are viewed as well qualified, others that are adequate, and some that are surreal.

The voters are so fed up with the ruling elite that Trump and Carson account for almost half of the votes cast in polls for the dozen-plus Republican candidates and Bernie Sanders is seriously threatening the once-thought-invincible Clinton Machine. These voters will be looking for a place to put their vote when their candidates fail to gain the nomination; we can provide the third option. Your $25 can help assure that it is a viable option. Again the more national members there are from the state of Indiana, the more influence Indiana delegates will have at the convention. JOIN NOW!

In addition, your national membership makes you eligible to be a delegate to the April 22nd state convention where we will choose the delegates and alternates that will go to Orlando. Delegates at the state convention will also choose our state candidates for the 2016 election.
Any LP or LPIN member may serve as a delegate or alternate to the national convention, but only LP national members count toward our delegate allocation. Let your voice be heard; join me as a sustaining member of the national Libertarian Party. JOIN NOW!

Your ally in liberty,
Joe Hauptmann
Libertarian Party of Indiana State Chair

p.s. Jessie Ventura has expressed interest in our presidential nomination for 2016. His name recognition could wreak havoc on our nomination process in primary states. It will be up to delegations from convention states like Indiana to see that the LP presidential nomination goes to a Libertarian. JOIN NOW!

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