Event Details

Organizing Convention of the Libertarian Party of St Joseph County.

Saturday October 22nd @ 10:30 AM

Location: North Liberty Branch Library, 105 E Market St, North Liberty, IN 46554

Draft Agenda:

  • Adoption of Agenda
  • Public Comments
  • Adoption of Bylaws
    1. LPSJ Bylaws Roll Call Vote
    2. LPIN Bylaws Roll Call Vote
  • Officer Elections
      1. Nominations
        1. Chair
        2. Treasurer
        3. Secretary
        4. Vice Chair
      2. Candidate Speeches
      3. Election of Officers
  • LPIN Affiliation
  • Bank Authorization
  • 2023 Meeting Schedule
  • Announcements

Monroe County LPIN contact: stjoseph@lpin.vote

Only LPIN members can actively participate in the LP of St Joseph County Organizing Convention. Renew or Join LPIN today at lpin.org/join

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