Event Details

This meeting will be live streamed via YouTube

All District Reps and Directors, please have your written report submitted the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Any agenda item requests are due by March 1st.

EST Time

Agenda ItemParty
11:30 AM ETI. Call to OrderChair
[2 minutes]II. Roll CallSecretary

[3 minutes]

III. Adoption of AgendaChair
a. Appointment of timekeeper

[25 minutes]

IV. Reports of Officers

10 minutes

a. Chair

5 minutes

b. Secretary

5 minutes

c. Treasurer

5 minutes

d. Vice Chair

[10 minutes]

V. LNC UpdateRep. Dustin Nana

[30 minutes]

VI. Appointment of DirectorsChair
a. Political
b. Communications
c. Tech
d. Membership
e. Field
f. Events
[20 minutes] VII. Unfinished Business Chair
5 minutesa. 2023 ElectionsChirs Galt
5 minutesb. Membership ReportEvan McMahon
5 minutesc. Legal UpdatesEvan McMahon
5 minutesd. 2023 Convention EstimatesLucy Brenton

[10 minutes]

VIII. 10 Min Break

[125 minutes]

IX. New BusinessChair
10 minutesa. Expectations
10 minutesb. Strategic Plan

30 minutes

c. Annual Budget

10 minutes

d. SCC Meeting Schedule

35 minutes

e. Goals
i. Communications
ii. Events
iii. Membership

iv. Finance

v. Political
vi. Resources/Support
vii. Executive Team

30 minutes

f. Committees/Teams
i. Bylaws (c)
ii. Social Media (t)
iii. Gaming (t)
iv. Communications (t)
v. Membership (t)
vi. Data (t)

10 minutes

g. Service Saturdays

10 minutes

h. District Monthly Meetings (remote)

[5 minutes]

X. Announcements
3:30 PM ET

XI. Adjourn