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The Libertarian Party of Hancock County is holding it’s Annual Convention on Sunday February 4, 2024 from 1PM to 4PM at the Hancock County Public Library on McKenzie Road in Greenfield, IN.

During the annual convention we will be voting on or re-affirming the Hancock County Libertarian Executive Board positions including the Treasurer, Secretary (Records Keeper), Vice Chair and Chairperson.

We will also be accepting and approving candidates for the upcoming National and County and State elections.

There are several positions on the upcoming ballot with varying levels of time commitments.

We are seeking as many candidates as possible for the following positions:

US Senate from Indiana

US House Indiana District 6

Indiana State Senate District 28

Indiana State House Districts 53 and 88

Hancock County Council At-Large (3 Seats)

Hancock Circuit Court Judge (18th Circuit)

Hancock County Prosecutor

Hancock County Clerk

Hancock County Commissioner

Hancock County Assessor (Position Vacated)


2024 Libertarian Party of Hancock County Agenda

Sunday February 4, 2024

Hancock County Public Library

McKenzie Rd Branch Greenfield, IN 46140


  1. Call To Order – Luke Lomax – Chair


  1. Role Call of County Party Members – Larry Silver Jr. – Records Keeper


  1. Role Call of State Party Members – Larry Silver Jr. – Records Keeper


  1. Role Call of Observers – Luke Lomax – Chair


  1. Seating of Members – Luke Lomax – Chair
  1. Introduction of Current Executive Committee
    1. Luke Lomax – Chair
    2. Andrew Smith – Vice Chair
    3. Larry Silver Jr – Records Keeper
    4. John Lytell – Treasurer

III. Adoption of Convention Rules – Luke Lomax – Chair

  1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. 2023 Recap – Luke Lomax and Larry Silver
  3. New Business
    1. Guest Speaker Andrew Horning (Running for LPIN Nomination for US Senate) Via Zoom
  1. 2024 Goals
    1. Current Memberships
    2. Events Goals
    3. Membership Goals
  2. Super Saturday Plans/Requests
    1. We launched and held in each of the 9 LPIN Districts a new program called Super Saturdays. On the second Saturday of the month a District organizes a community action/volunteer project with a county party. This event is only promoted to local LP members as a volunteer opportunity. There are no press releases. We are not taking a public bow for doing good in our communities… we are just doing it. Often the organizations we partnered with end up talking positively about the local Libertarians coming into help and not just showing up for the photo-op.
  3. Additional New Business
  1. Finance Report – John Lytell
  1. Current Status
  2. 2024 Budget Proposals/Requests

VII. Candidate Nominations

  1. Positions Eligible
    1. Hancock County Council
    2. Commissioner
    3. Sherriff
    4. Prosecutor
    5. Clerk
    6. Assessor
    7. Coroner
    8. Engineer
    9. Treasurer
    10. State Rep 53
    11. State Rep 88
    12. State Senate
    13. US House District 6
    14. US Senate

VIII. Selection of Officers/Delegates to State Convention (6)

  1. County Officers
    1. Chair – Luke Lomax
    2. Vice Chair – Andrew Smith
    3. Records Keeper – Larry Silver Jr
    4. Treasurer – John Lytell/Vacated
  2. Nominations
    1. Chair
    2. Vice Chair
    3. Records Keeper
    4. Treasurer
  3. Delegates to the State Convention
    1. Affirm Current Board Members
    2. Nominations Outside of Current Board Members
  1. Recess until Next Meeting

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