Event Details

    Venue: Antelope Club (615 N DELAWARE ST, INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, 46204, United States)

Planned Agenda Items:

I. Call to Order Chair
II. Roll Call (2 mins) Secretary
III. Adoption of Agenda (3 mins) Chair
a. Appointment of timekeeper (1 mins)
IV. Reports of Officers (25 mins)
a. Chair (10 mins) Evan McMahon
b. Secretary (5 mins) Alyssa Salgado
c. Treasurer (5 mins) Michael Schultheiss
d. Vice Chair (5 mins) Lucy Brenton
V. Reports of Directors (8 mins)
a. COMMUNICATIONS (2 mins) Michelle Holiday
b. POLITICAL (2 mins) Chris Gault
c. FIELD (2 mins) Morgan Rigg
d. IT (2 mins) Charles Hagerman
VI. LNC Update (10 mins) Dustin Nanna
VII. Reports of Districts (16 mins)
a. District 1 (2 mins) John Schick
b. District 2 (2 mins) Elizabeth Coquillard
c. District 3 (2 mins) Kristi Avery
d. District 4 (2 mins) Dennis Beatty
e. District 5 (2 mins) Greg Noland
f. District 6 (2 mins) Luke Lomax
g. District 7 (2 mins) Kent Williams *
h. District 8 (0 mins) Adrian Engelberth
i. District 9 (2 mins) Greg Hertzsch
IX. Unfinished Business and General Orders (25 mins)
a. 2023 Elections (10 mins) Chair
b. Membership Report (5 mins) Chair
e. Legal Updates (0 mins) Chair
d. 2023 Convention (10 mins) Vice Chair
X. New Business (30 mins)

a. Orange County Affiliation (10 mins)

a. 8th District Vacancy (10 mins)
a. Delaware Temp Chair (10 mins)
XI. Announcements (5 mins)
XII. Adjourn

This meeting will be held in-person at the Antelope Club and will be live streamed via YouTube.

All District Reps and Directors, please have your written report submitted the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

Any agenda item requests are due by February 15th.