Event Details

    Venue: Forum Event Center (11313 USA PKWY, FISHERS, Indiana, 46037, United States)

50 Years of Liberty!

The 2024 LPIN State Convention will be held March 1st – 3rd in Fishers, IN at the Forum Event Center. The Libertarian Party of Indiana will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and 30 years of hard won ballot access. The focus of this year’s convention will be candidate nominations and leadership training.

* ALL delegates must register for the Business Meeting by February 23rd. Counties must submit their delegation list to the LPIN Secretary by February 16th. Program will be available for download February 15th.

Download the 2024 LPIN Convention Program


The Schedule

Friday, March 1st

Join us at the Northside Events and Social Club/KoC and hear from four of the Presidential candidates seeking the LP nomination and two LPIN statewide candidates. Snacks are provided.

Northside Events and Social Club
2100 E 71st St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Presidential Candidates:

  • Chase Oliver
  • Lars Mapstead
  • Mike ter Maat
  • Jacob Hornberger

Statewide Candidates:

  • Donald Rainwater
  • Tonya Hudson

(must have a Friday Night ticket to attend: candidate speakers paid to sponsor and speak at event)

Candidates can purchase a sponsorship package here: 2024 Candidate Package
Saturday, March 2nd

Check-in opens at 7am for people with Saturday Training tickets or Complete Packages.

Check-in for Business Meeting Only attendees starts at 12:30pm.

Forum Event Center
11313 USA Pkwy
Fishers, IN 46037

This event is exclusively for LPIN Lifetime members. There will be a special expedited Registration Check-In line for LPIN Lifetime members.

(note: there is no sign-up sheet)

CLASSES: Each class is 1-hour and offered each hour.


Brian is the host of The Brian Nichols Show and is a sales executive/business owner who helps SMBs and political campaigns with sales and messaging. Messaging matters and knowing how to give a good interview is key to the success of your campaign. Attendees will have the opportunity to give their first interview, so you know what to expect next time.


Car Schulz will lead a class focusing on campaign use of AI. Campaigns are short on money, time, and volunteers. Learn how you can make up the deficits utilizing advances in inexpensive AI technology.

PANELS: Each panel is 1-hour and in the main hall.

Former LPIN Chair, Sam Goldstein, and Sheri Conover Sharlow will answer questions and go over the expectations and duties for being an Indiana delegate to the LP National Convention.

Avens O’Brien is a 2nd generation LP activist, well-known liberty photographer, & entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. She & her partner Judd Weiss co-founded Shrüm, a company formed to decentralize access to psychedelic mushrooms – their products are found in 700+ stores nationwide.

Avens talks about how her love of people helps her sell her beliefs as a liberty activist as well as her products, & why she thinks this & conscious entrepreneurism is the key to a freer world.

LPIN Chair, Evan McMahon, will lead a session on how to grow your membership – volunteers – donors, recruit candidates, and ultimately become an unstoppable force in local politics. This is the Secret Sauce that has been used by the most active and successful county parties around the country.

Lunch will not be provided this year, but there are many options for dining that are in very close proximity to the venue and the hotel.

NOTE: You must be back at the venue by 12:30 pm. The 2024 Convention will start at 1pm SHARP – if you are not checked in at the time the meeting starts you will not be credentialed until the Credentials Report Update later in the meeting.

2024 LPIN Annual Business Meeting Rules & Agenda

  1. Call to Order.
  2. Sponsors Speeches/Videos
  3. Credentialing and Seating of Delegates from Affiliated Counties
  4. Credentialing and Seating of Delegates from Unaffiliated Counties
  5. Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the 2023 Annual Business Meeting
  6. Adoption of Rules for the Annual Business Meeting
  7. Adoption of an Agenda for the Annual Business Meeting
  8. Financial Report & Statement of Business Conducted
  9. Chairman’s Address
  10. Libertarian National Committee Update
  11. Presidential Straw Poll
  12. Questions for Contested Races
  13. Nomination of Candidates
  14. Nomination of Candidates from Unaffiliated Counties
  15. Announcement of 2024 SCC District Representatives
  16. Election of National Delegates
  17. Amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules
    1. Proposal 1: LPIN Member and SCC Rights in County Meetings
    2. Proposal 2: Moving Convention Procedure from Standing Rules to Bylaws
    3. Proposal 3 (v1 and v2): Seasoning Requirements for State and National Convention
    4. Bylaws Committee Report
  18. Adjourn

Rule 1: Proposed amendments to the bylaws will be discussed in the order set by vote of the SCC for all proposed amendments that were received by the Bylaws Committee by the deadline. A motion with a second must be raised on the floor to bring each proposed amendment to the floor. The delegate sponsoring the proposed amendment will be given one minute to speak on behalf of the amendment. The floor will then be open to discussion by the delegates. Each delegate will have one minute to speak on the proposed amendment. The first delegate recognized must be in opposition to the proposed amendment unless no delegate in opposition asks to be recognized.

Rule 2: Order and procedure of nominations for Candidates (Speakers wishing to speak on behalf of NOTA must inform the Chairman of such prior to the close of nominations for each race):

Contested: Total of 5 minutes for each candidate and nominator(s).
Uncontested: Total of 2 minutes for each candidate and nominator(s).
NOTA: Total of 2 minutes for all speakers.

Contested: Total of 2 minutes for each candidate and nominator(s).
Uncontested: Total of 1 minute for each candidate and nominator(s).
NOTA: Total of 1 minute for all speakers.

Contested: Total of 2 minutes for each candidate and nominator(s).
Uncontested: Total of 1 minute for each candidate and nominator(s).
NOTA: Total of 1 minute for all speakers.

Contested: Total of 5 minutes for each candidate and nominator(s).
Uncontested: Total of 2 minutes for each candidate and nominator(s).
NOTA: Total of 2 minutes for all speakers.



Remarks from both the 2024 Libertarian candidates for Governor of Indiana and US Senate.

Cara Schulz, former LP Political Director
Cara Schulz is a sitting city council member in Burnsville, Minnesota. She has trained successful candidates and campaign teams across the nation. She lives with her husband and her cat, Mabel, who is also her Chief of Staff and Campaign manager. Cara prefers red wine to white and is very, very sick of winter.

Cara will be sharing her experience and what she has accomplished in office so you can take these lessons back home and inspire your local members. Let’s show everyone that we can do quite a bit for our community.

Awards will be presented to winners at the conclusion of speaker presentations.

It’s time for the auction winners to PIE one of the following LPIN Officers:

  • Evan McMahon, LPIN Chair
  • Kristin Alexander, LPIN Vice Chair
  • Clayton Soultz, LPIN Secretary
  • Michael Schultheiss, LPIN Treasurer

Mic check, one, two, three! You’re invited to belt it out like the Rock Star you are at the LPIN Karaoke Night!

The cash bar outside the main event hall will remain open until Midnight.

Sunday, March 3rd

Our annual 1994 breakfast will be at Capri Italian Restaurant located at 2602 Ruth Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46240. Seating for the breakfast is limited to 60 people. It will include a discussion on the achievements, goals, and direction of the LPIN for 2024. (only 1994 Society Members or Sunday Breakfast ticket holders can attend)

Post Convention SCC meeting will take place at the Capri Italian Restaurant located at 2602 Ruth Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46240 immediately following the 1994 Society Breakfast.

2024 LPIN Award Nominations
Awards given to Libertarians who have gone above and beyond the normal activism. To be voted on by the members, and presented at the LPIN State Convention Banquet. See past winners

Nomination Deadline: January 15th, 2024

Voting Deadline: February 2nd, 2024

Dr. Barbara Bourland Light of Liberty Award: The recipient is honored as the person most responsible for growth of the party and dedication to the libertarian cause.

Susan Bell Officeholder of the Year Award: Awarded to a current elected officeholder from the Libertarian party who best promotes libertarian principles and values through public service.

Ken Bisson Outreach Award: Awarded to a party member who has worked exceptionally hard to spread the message of libertarian principles to as many potential voters as possible.

Joe Hauptmann Campaign Leadership Award: Awarded to a campaign volunteer who has worked above and beyond in an extraordinary fashion, and contributed significantly to the success of a campaign.

Phil Miller Candidate of the Year: Awarded to a Libertarian candidate who has shown an extraordinary ability to reach out to and connect with voters, as well as to further the cause of libertarianism.

Submit Your Pick: Nominations/Voting Closed

Additional Information

We do not have a partner hotel this year. There are several hotels withing 1 mile of the Forum Event Center.

Hyatt House Fishers

Kristi Avery <district3@lpin.org> will be overseeing our silent auction fundraiser this year. Please contact her with donations.

We have sponsorship opportunities available at multiple levels. Do you want a table at the business meeting? Do you want to be included in swag bags for our members? Do you want an ad in the printed Convention Program? Please see our 2024 Sponsorship page. We have a level that is right for you and your organization.

Registration Packages

Super Early Bird Pricing expired on January 1st, 2024. Early Bird discounted pricing expired on February 15th, 2024.

Complete Package

$ 250
  • Registration Closed
  • Friday Night
  • Saturday Training
  • Saturday Dinner

Student Package

$ 190
  • Registration Closed
  • Friday Night
  • Saturday Training
  • Saturday Dinner

A La Carte

  • Registration Closed
  • Saturday Training
  • 1994 Society Breakfast
  • Business Meeting Only
  • Friday Night
  • Saturday Dinner
Convention purchases do not count towards membership dues.

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