Eminent Domain and the Wilson Farm Market

Government decisions have wide-ranging, often permanent impact, while the citizens the government is supposed to serve are often left helpless.

That is the case for a 55-year-old family business in Hamilton County, who will be forced to vacate its location due to a decision made by the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Wilson’s Farm Market, which is located at the intersection of 256th Street and U.S. 31, will lose its access to U.S. 31 – the main highway through northern Hamilton County – and thus be forced to shut down.

The state’s decision to cut it off from the highway – 256th Street will be turned into a cul-de-sac, with the nearest access to the highway at interchanges two miles away in either direction – will adversely affect a longtime Indiana small business.

Indiana needs to improve its eminent domain laws so businesses like Wilson Farm Market, a multigenerational family business which opened in 1968 and is currently operated by Scott and Amanda Wilson, isn’t adversely affected by the state’s decisions without proper compensation.

Not only will the market be affected, travelers will lose direct access to Hamilton Heights schools six miles to the east, as well as Jackson and Adams Townships in Hamilton County, while also lengthening response times for emergency responders and victims.

A rally in support of the Wilsons will be held from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Aug. 26 at Wilson Farm Market, 1720 E. 256th Street in Arcadia.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana supports small businesses like the Wilsons in their attempt to stave off overreach by the State of Indiana and government agencies and allow them to continue to serve their communities, in this case, by ensuring access to 256th Street remains available from U.S. 31.

The backbone of our economy is private businesses serving customers, not heavy-handed governments arbitrarily picking winners and losers. We need immediate eminent domain reform to ensure those businesses are able to continue serving their communities.


In Liberty,

Evan McMahon, Chair
Libertarian Party of Indiana

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