Elkhart Mayor gains another challenger


June 13, 2011

Contact: Oscar Gibson

Phone : 574-264-6741


Moore gains another challenger

ELKHART – Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore will have 2 opponents on the November ballot instead of just one.

Local businessman Oscar Gibson was nominated at the Elkhart County Libertarian Party’s convention held in late April. He will join Republican David Ashe on the ballot for Elkhart Mayor.

Candidates for the Libertarian Party are nominated at a party convention instead of participating in the Primary elections.


“Oscar Gibson will make a great choice for mayor,” says Rick Bowen, the Libertarian Party chair. “As a local businessman, he knows just how businesses and families can be hurt by legislation that comes from city hall.”

Mr. Gibson’s platform is based around the economics of the city. “We need to look at the budget to stop wasteful spending and stay within our budgets,” the mayoral hopeful says. “We need to stop borrowing from one budget to another.”

He will focus on other items like city employee pay raises and better communication with our Police and Fire Departments.


Oscar has been married to Effie for 36 years and has 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.

He owns The Big Easy Restaurant & Nightclub in Elkhart.

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