Ed Coleman Launches New Television Ad in Indianapolis

Indianapolis City-County Councilor Ed Coleman has launched a TV spot is his effort to seek re-election to the governing body of America’s 11th largest city. Coleman was elected in 2007 as a Republican, but left for the Libertarian Party a year later due to the constant pressure to raise taxes and support corporate bailouts.

Indianapolis City-County Councilor, Ed Coleman from Ed Coleman on Vimeo.

Since then, Coleman has been an independent voice against votes like the CIB bailout, the Simon Brothers/Pacer bailout, and many other big spending projects championed by Mayor Greg Ballard and the council Republicans. Coleman has been a constant advocate for transparency as well. In an effort to fight crony capitalism, Coleman wrote and helped pass an ordinance to put all city contracts online for Indianapolis citizens to see. Coleman also introduced a proposal the remove the TSA from Indianapolis Airports, but that was tabled by the Republicans.

Help Coleman make a statement. If you’ve REALLY ‘Had Enough,’ volunteer for Ed Coleman today.

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