Don’t Just Say “No”


You must step back and look at the big picture.

You must look at the actions and not the words of our current one party political system.

The big picture is that both the Republicans and Democrats mean to grow government and control your lives in ways that were unimaginable even 20 years ago. They are now factions of the same one party political system – the party of government growth and control.

The actions of both big government party factions speak louder than their words.

You want job security? Get one of the thousands upon thousands of government jobs that pay higher than the private sector – thanks to the hard work of the Republican and Democrat factions to take tax money from the private sector and redistribute it to the public sector.

You want deficit budgets and earmarks? Count on the Republican and Democrat factions to do this.

You want Patriot Acts where elderly librarians are arrested for showing their assistant a “secret” subpoena? Count on the Republican and Democrat factions to vote for “secret” subpoenas and to continue to authorize them at every opportunity.

The Republicans and Democrats are no longer of different minds. They are now factions within one political mindset – grow government, control individuals and small businesses, and give others’ money away to favored interest groups and the powerful. The one party system of the United States is old, tired and corrupt.

Look at the word “bipartisanship”. It is always being thrown around by those in the one party system of today.

But what is ultimately bipartisanship today?

Now it is when the Democrats and Republicans agree on the process and procedures on how they are going to take money from small business owners and give it to the large corporations.

It is when the Democrats and Republicans agree on how they are going to take away the rights of the citizens with more and more “Patriot Acts” (who would have thought Patriot would become a bad word).

And can there by bipartisanship when it really is describes two factions of the old and tired political parties fighting over the process used for the results, and not the results themselves?

What is the alternative?

The Libertarian Party.

Libertarians say “Yes” to government agencies following their own laws.

Libertarians say “Yes” to laws that support small businesses, and don’t favor big large corporations.

Libertarians say “Yes” to returning to the simple, one page income tax return of days gone by (it wasn’t that long ago – my grandparents filled out such a form).

Libertarians say “Yes” to creating jobs by supporting government programs that seek to reduce the bureaucracy that stymies the creation of small businesses.

Libertarians say “Yes” to laws that make it easy to use your home for a business.

Libertarians say “Yes” to laws that create incentives for banks and financial institutions to loan money to small businesses.

Libertarians say “Yes” to adequate government resources and competent government officials concentrating on fraud in the market place.

Libertarians say “Yes” to laws strengthening the ability of individuals and small businesses to defend themselves from intrusive and unjustified administrative and criminal prosecutions.

Voters – say “Yes” to the Libertarian Party. Say “Yes” to true bipartisanship – the Libertarian Party versus the old, tired political parties.

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