Don’t Get Mad, Get Even!

My 11th grade history teacher once told my class that we have an illusion of power when it comes to our government. He said “You all will follow my instructions because I am the teacher, and I have the illusion of power. But there are 30 strong individuals in front of me, and you could easily ignore or overtake me at any moment. But you don’t, because you think I control you or you are too afraid of the consequences.”

We have the ability to change our government through political means because there are more of us than them. We are the power base in this country and we DO have the leash on our government. It’s time to pull the leash. We have the opportunity in 2010 to reach out to independents, tea partiers, uninvolved libertarians, and the politically homeless.

If you are reading this, you are the beginning of a revolution in our nation’s politics. You’re awake to the serious problems in our country, and it’s time to begin organizing for libertarianism to fix them! If you don’t, then no one else will.


Join the 2010 Revolution. It is a 4 step plan to grow the libertarian movement in Indiana.

Check out the resources on our new LPIN website. We are trying to arm you with as many resources as possible. We want to provide you with guides on how to effect change in the political process, and with facts to make your points effectively while doing so.

We also have two events dedicated to training you in your efforts. You do not have to be a Libertarian to attend either!

1. The LPIN Convention will hold breakout training sessions. Experienced members of the media will lead the media training session. The head of fund raising for the Salvation Army of Indiana will lead the fund raising 101 session. Experienced party members will be in attendance to answer questions, help with paperwork, and generate ideas for your local organizing efforts or campaign.

2. We also want you to know about a training session from a nonpartisan right-leaning coalition. They reached out to the LPIN to alert you to their training session. They not only want to train libertarians, but they want you to put the knowledge to use! It will be led by some of the top grassroots trainers in the nation. I will be attending because I cannot afford to miss this opportunity. or

This year isn’t a year to sit on the sidelines. We can’t tell people to vote Libertarian if there isn’t a Libertarian on their ballot. We can’t ask people to run if we as a party will not stand up to support them both financially and through our time. We can’t continue to provide resources on a state level if LPIN membership doesn’t generate creative ideas, or if we fail to fund the staff and materials to implement those ideas.

Indiana is on fire for our message. We will run a record number of candidates. We will have the largest state convention of any other LP affiliate. Our fund raising has begun to rapidly increase in the last few months. Our county organizations are exponentially more active.

Will you be a part of this special election cycle, stand up, stop getting angry, and get even?

Thank you for all of your efforts,
Chris Spangle
LPIN Executive Director

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