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Conversations with Gary Johnson at Purdue University

Gary Johnson Coming to Purdue University for Local Town Hall

Picture of Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson

Indiana event to be hosted by Gov. Mitch Daniels

Aug. 9, 2016 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.

By: Darrell England

Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, now President of Purdue University, invited Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson to speak at their Town Hall event. Gary Johnson accepted the invitation and will appear at Purdue University – Loeb Hall, 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 on Tuesday, September 13 at 5:30 p.m. Loeb Hall is capable of holding 1,000 people, but there is another space available for 6,000 more.

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The segment is being billed as “Conversations with Gary Johnson” and is co-sponsored by the Purdue Young Americans for Liberty. The Young Americans for Liberty proudly boasts “is the largest, most active, and fastest-growing pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses.”, having over 600 chapters across the nation.QR Code

Purdue will host a valuable question/answer session that will follow Johnson’s speech, which Daniels said, “would advance our education mission immeasurably.” The Q&A will be moderated by Mitch Daniels himself. This is an open event, no tickets or purchases necessary.


Good news, we’ve secured a larger location!
Join Purdue President Mitch Daniels for a conversation with Governor Gary Johnson.
Tuesday, September 13 at 5:30 pm in France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center on the campus of Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


NOTE: This event has been moved to a larger location in the Recreational Sports Center Gold and Black Gyms.
IMPORTANT: Limited Early Seating Passes are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
HOWEVER, there may still be a limited number of seats available after 5:00 PM. Early Seating Passes DO NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION AFTER 5:00PM.
Individuals without seating passes, or pass holders who arrive after 5:00 PM may still have the opportunity to access a limited number of remaining seats.

Early Seating Passes are no longer available. The free Early Seating Pass will allow entry at 4:30 pm. The free Early Seating Pass does not guarantee seating or entry after 5:00 pm.
Early Seating Pass holders are encouraged to be in line by 4:30 pm when doors open for early seating.
Seating Pass holders MUST present the electronic or paper copy at the gate for admission, without exception.

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