Chard Reid: Please share these short clips from the first debate

We are 21 short days from the election, and I need your help to get these video clips out to your friends and family. I would love to reach 1,000 hits on each video by the end of the week, and with your help I am confident that it will happen!
Chard Reid vs. Susan Brooks on Monetary Policy:

Closing Statement:
Opening Statement and stance on Obamacare:
As usual, I would appreciate your help in promoting my website and budget proposal (links below) as well. Ideally, you would post one link every day. The truth is, most people will not view all five links in one sitting. It would be best to spread out their exposure over five days (or more). The other upside is that some people may not be online when you post these links the first time. By doing one each day, our likelihood of success increasing dramatically.
Road to Reality (My two year balanced budget proposal):
Thank you for your continued support!
Chard Reid
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