Chard Reid: Message for Conservative Voters in the 5th District

Conservative Voters of the 5th District:

Did you know that Susan Brooks criticized the Tea Party at Tuesday night’s forum in Zionsville? She said that the Tea Party wants to pay off the debt all at once, but she wants to take a more reasonable and incremental approach.

The truth of the matter is that she doesn’t know the difference between a deficit and the debt. When she says that she wants to incrementally pay off the debt, she is misleading voters or demonstrating her ignorance in this area. After all, she supports a budget that will not balance for 28 years. That means she wants to INCREASE the debt every year for 28 more years. But her statement in Zionsville was that she wants to incrementally pay the debt down.

In contrast, I am the only candidate in the state with my own balance budget proposal, which I call the Road to Reality. Check it out at or directly at My plan produces a budget surplus by Fiscal Year 2015 and then begins paying down the debt from there.

Why am I running for office?

As a high school finance teacher, it is my personal mission to ensure that every student in my classroom learns to balance their budget, avoid debt, and save for the future. Do you think that our elected officials in Washington need to learn the same lessons?

I decided to run for office because it was clear to me that our elected officials simply do not care about being fiscally responsible. Certainly, they must understand that running budget deficits will only serve to increase our debt, depreciate the value of the dollar, and lead to higher taxes in the future. The real problem must be that they just don’t care. Their number one priority is reelection. In contrast, my only priority is to get America back on the road to sustainable economic growth. Let me be perfectly clear: I do NOT want to be a Washington insider for the rest of my life—I want to be a teacher. I love kids, and I love teaching them how to be fiscally responsible. But in this season in my life, I feel called to run for office because there are no other candidaes of conviction running in this race am running for office because I am tired of seeing our elected officials trample the Constitution. It is important to remember that the federal government only exists because the states agreed to grant it limited powers through the Constitution. In their wisdom, our Founding Fathers only delegated seventeen specific powers to the federal government, and they clearly stated in the Tenth Amendment that all other powers would be reserved to the people and to the states.

In essence, the 10th Amendment is a leash on our federal government that prevents it from getting outside of its realm of authority. But a leash is only as good as the person holding it. For the past 100 years, the Republicans and Democrats have proven that they are altogether unworthy of holding the federal government accountable to the Constitution, and quite frankly, it’s time to pass the leash on to someone who is more principled in their stance for liberty.

Unfortunately, our current politicians resent the constraints that the Constitution puts on their power, so they have begun to disregard its principles. I will fight to make sure that the federal government only passes laws that it has the Constitutional right to pass, and I will insist that my fellow elected officials abide by the Tenth Amendment.

If you are satisfied with how our federal government is currently run, then you should probably vote for one of my opponents because they will continue to maintain the status quo.

But if you’re like me, you understand that the United States is way past the point of needing minor adjustments. Rather, it is time to completely restructure the size and scope of our federal government. It’s time to reclaim the roots of our once constitutionally limited government and reassert our natural rights to life, liberty, and property. It’s time to fundamentally simplify government!

Why should you vote for Chard Reid?

I want you to notice an important distinction between my opponents and me. I am the only candidate in this race willing to take a firm stance on the issues. I am the candidate of substance and principles, and they are merely talking pieces of the establishment parties. I challenge you to visit their websites. Yes, I want you to go to my opponents’ sites and see for yourself how weak they are on the issues. It will only take you about three minutes to read their entire issues section because it contains nothing but fluff. Then take the time to read my positions on the issues and watch some of my videos. You may want to pour yourself a nice cup of coffee and prop up your feet because I have gone out of my way to provide voters with a detailed explanation on each of my positions as well as the rationale for why I believe what I believe.

Chard Reid
Candidate for U.S. Congress

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