CD 2: Ruiz Offers Condolences to the Mullen Family


Moments ago the South Bend Tribune released news that an explosive device had gone off near the Granger home of Democratic U.S. Congressional candidate Brendan Mullen. Upon learning of the incident Libertarian Party candidate Joe Ruiz took to Facebook with the following statement:

“No matter what your political grievance may be violence is always unacceptable. The guilty party should be ashamed.”

Ruiz, a husband and father of two small children continued. “My sincere hope is that the act was not specifically intended for Brendan. In moments like this you have to strip away the politics of it all and keep in mind that we’re just people – fathers who love their families and want nothing more than to keep them safe. I can only hope that this is an isolated incident, and to the Mullen family I offer sincere condolences. I’m glad you’re all safe.”

Joe Ruiz
Libertarian Party Candidate
U.S. Congress (IN-2)

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