Apply for the LNC At-Large Opening!

With the resignation of Wayne Allyn Root from the LNC, we have an opening for an At-Large position on the LNC.

The procedure specified by our Bylaws gives the full authority for the replacement to the LNC. This replacement election could conceivably be handled through a mail ballot, but I see no haste in filling this vacancy, and mail ballots are just a little clunky for elections, so I expect that this position will be filled at the next LNC meeting, which is scheduled for November 17th and 18th in Arlington, Virginia.

I ask you to please distribute this notice to your membership. Anyone who meets the Bylaws requirements for membership is eligible to place their name in nomination.

I am asking that anyone interested submit a one to two page nomination to both and . I am also asking that no one submit the nomination of another, since this means that staff will have to investigate whether the candidate is willing to serve.

There are no rules requiring any kind of format or content in this nomination, but I think it would be advisable for any candidate to provide: a statement that they are seeking the open position and will commit to attending the meetings; a summary of their libertarian credentials; a summary of their non-libertarian qualifications to sit on a board; and, a short statement of what they feel they bring to the LNC.

I want every nominee to recognize that being a member of the LNC represents a significant investment in both time and money. Each LNC member pays his own travel and lodging to attend LNC meetings.

I would prefer that all nominations be submitted by Friday November 2nd, so that the LNC can review the nominations before the meeting. At our next LNC meeting, I intend to have this replacement election be one of the earliest items on the agenda. Once nominations are opened, all previously submitted nominations will be considered. At that time, other nominations may be made by any LNC member, but cannot be made by anyone outside the LNC. Once nominations are closed, I intend to give any candidate that is present one or two minutes to speak on their behalf. After the voting, the winner, if present, will be welcomed onto the LNC, and will immediately be able to participate in the meeting.

Yours in Liberty,

Geoffrey Neale
Libertarian Party

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