Andrew Horning’s July 4th Message

(Originally Posted at Horning’s Facebook Page.)

Even the most casual review of human history should make one thing very clear: Liberty does not prevail. We humans have a very bad default state of being: oppression, slavery, genocide and war. Whatever it is we call liberty exists to any degree only very briefly, and only within those most unicorn-scarce time-points when the most special set of circumstances and people coincide.

Don’t fool yourself. We now have only illusions and shadows of the freedom our founders intended we’d enjoy. While it seems to be certain that things will get worse (much worse), we’re in a crux point of choice where we can see the folly of our current ways; but few of us can agree on a better way.

As I watch another election cycle unfold, and see how the campaign mercenaries and behind-the-scenes power brokers arrange our perceptions and votes into their usual compliant order, I admit, this afternoon before the picnics and fireworks, that I’m feeling pretty disgusted, discouraged and very, very disappointed in my fellow Americans.

At a time when I’ve never seen so many encouraging signs (thank you, Ron Paul), I’ve also never seen so many distractions and idolatries in our midst (dang you, Paul Bots!). The Tea Party proved that us little folk can change everything without any status quo “leaders” or power structures at all…which is why I am so disgusted that the Tea Party has, officially and for the most part (I have met a lot of very fine people within the movement) become just another GOP tool to maintain the status quo.

On one hand, I can see that the crony network is fighting hard against a rising mood of overthrow. They have taken over groups like the Tea Party, and it seems like they’re quickly taking ground within the Ron Paul movement as well.

But I admit I’m also discouraged by me and my hard-working fellows in liberty. It seems we’re just not making our case. We’re just not doing what we need to do. Why is it so hard for us to give away liberty, when the oppression We The People seem to prefer costs so danged much?

Is it because those of us who love liberty also love to be left alone, follow our own lead, and make our own lives precious? I know that the people who crave power are willing to do whatever it takes to get that power over us. And I’ve seen how the useful fools, those numerous idolaters who live to be abused, will do what it takes up to giving their own lives to serve their masters. Many people blame those of on the side of Liberty and Justice for all the injustice and oppression around us, because we leave governing to others. Perhaps the most compelling argument in light of current events is that We The People have become just too frightened and dependent to be free. Maybe so.

I know that those who truly love Freedom are precious rare people. Those willing to work for that state of living are even more rare.

On the other hand, history is driven by the passionate few, and our numbers are sufficient. Why is our side almost always loses, then?

I think we, like I, need encouragement. We can easily see how the really bad guys are paid to be bad. They hire people. They have idolaters who’ll take to the streets. What is not so easy to see is how many people are getting sick of all that money and power thrown around for the benefit of only a tiny few wicked people. What’s hard to see is that none of us know exactly how to overcome the weight of the power machine that’s been building for the past one-hundred years.

The good news, is that the machine is failing fast. We don’t need to beat it; we need to ignore it. Ignore the millions of yard signs the other guys will have. Ignore the trillions of dollars they’ll spend (yes, it’s now trillions) to defend their Golden Calf against us. Ignore the polls and media they control. Ignore their lies

We have better media. We have better people. We are right. We are at a point in history when we can direct choices to our side…or not.

Make no mistake about violence: it will not serve our side as some claim. If we cannot get others onto our side when we have free and easy choices, then it won’t happen when the smoke clears and the thugs start gathering their support from the frightened, hungry remains.

No, our time is exactly right now. There can be no waiting. We must gather our strength and decide, for ourselves, what is important. Is it to be picnics and fun while we still have the illusions of wealth and a few false freedoms, or will we steel ourselves for battle?

Personally, I can think of many things I’d rather do than what I know needs to be done. I’d rather spend time on my farm with my family, or in my garage with my Alfa, or playing music, or just about anything other than politics. Damn politics. To hell with politics.

But, my friends, our enemies are not playing. They are serious. We must decide if we’re to be serious as well.

They are the cockroaches who scurry from light, and we are the olympians. We can beat them easily if we get up and do it. But they are the 99% until we wake up and remember what 1776 was really all about, and why we ought to remember it.

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