A Celebration of the Life of Jame Goldstein

(Editor’s Note: Jame Goldstein, wife of State Chairman Sam Goldstein, passed away Saturday after a long battle with breast cancer. Jame was a long time Libertarian activist, candidate and loved member of our Libertarian Party family. Please support her favorite charity in an effort to ensure that other loving mothers and wives are not taken too soon: The Weekend to End Breast Cancer benefiting St. Vincent Foundation.)

Jame Stuart Goldstein was born in Oakland, CA on October 20, 1957, the second daughter of Commander Charles Harnden (U.S. N. Ret.) and Loraine Harnden. As a Navy brat she grew up in Albuquerqe, New Mexico, Corpus Christi, Texas, Sunnyvale and Alameda California, Atsugi, Japan and Memphis, Tennessee.

Jame moved to Indianapolis in her early 20s and helped manage her parent’s fitness center for several years before deciding to attend Indiana University School of Nursing where she graduated with Highest Honors. While a staff nurse at Methodist Hospital, Jame decided to further her education at the Indiana University School of Law and graduated Cum Laude. She practiced law as an attorney at Caplin, Park, Tousley and McCoy for over 16 years even during her first bout with breast cancer in 1997. She began feeling ill again in early 2005 and received the horrible news that her cancer had returned and was now metastatic.

Following her initial treatments for metastatic breast cancer she felt well enough to open her own law office which she was able to maintain for several years until the fall of 2009. She was a meticulous and caring advocate for her Social Security Disability clients.

Jame met Sam Goldstein over 27 years ago and they were married for over 25 years. She has two beloved sons, Max and Matthew and she considered the boy’s girlfriends, Sarah (Max) and Raquel (Matthew) to be her daughters. She is also survived by her father, Charles Harnden, sister, Tish Ratcliff, adoring husband Sam Goldstein, best friend from 4th grade, Ray Middleton and many, many wonderful friends. She was considered a daughter by her grieving in-laws, Abe and Rose Black.

Jame was thrilled that she was able to survive her disease long enough to see Max graduate college and Matthew from high school last spring. Her academic standards were of the highest and attempted to pass them on to her children at every opportunity.

Jame loved to travel and was able to vacation around the country and in many countries around the world, even going all the way to London, England with her sister just for a Pearl Jam concert. While traveling she shopped every chance she could get to the point of having to buy extra suitcases just to bring home all the gifts. From a 7’2” tall solid mahogany giraffe crafted in Jamaica to a full set of china dishes bought at Hong Kong , Jame Goldstein would find a way to get the goods home! She even enjoyed walking through airports carrying gigantic carved wooden animals.

Jame had a wonderful sense of adventure which she demonstrated by zip lining down the wall of an extinct volcano in Panama, driving on the German autobahn at extremely high speeds, riding motor scooters across Cozumel in a blinding tropical rainstorm and even, on her final vacation trip in the early fall of 2009, flying in the air at an indoor sky diving facility in Tennessee.

Jame was dragged somewhat reluctantly into a political career by Sam, running for Marion Superior Court Judge and Washington Township Small Claims Court Judge as a Libertarian and a non-partisan race for Washington Township School Board. She loved attending Libertarian Party events and was known to have very strong and vocal opinions on a wide range of topics. Jame was a delegate to 3 Libertarian Party National Conventions and 11 Libertarian Party of Indiana State Conventions and was active in the Northside Libertarian Meet-up discussion group.

Jame battled breast cancer for over 13 years with courage and strength. To continue that battle she would like contributions made to The Weekend to End Breast Cancer benefiting St. Vincent Foundation or to your favorite breast cancer charity.

Jame’s funeral will be on Wednesday, March 10th at 2:00pm at Aaron-Ruben-Nelson Funeral Home located at 11411 N. Michigan Rd, Zionsville IN to be followed by burial at Crown Point Cemetery at 700 West 38th Street Indianapolis, IN.

Notes of remembrance and encouragement can be sent via email to Sam at chair@lpin.org, or via mail: Goldstein Insurance, 8925 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46260-2384.

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