6th District Choice: True Representation Or More Campaigning?

On November 2nd, Hoosiers in Indiana’s 6th District have an important choice to make: True representation, or 2 more years of campaigning.

Mike Pence appears to be blatantly laying groundwork for higher office.. He has logged thousands of miles in his travels around the nation stumping for congressional candidates, most likely expecting their votes for Speaker Of The House in return. And let’s not forget the hints at a 2-year long campaign aimed at the White House.

Libertarian TJ Thompson has one thing on his mind: Representing Hoosiers in Washington. Thompson’s dedication to his 17 month long campaign is a preview of what to expect when he takes office. Thompson personally reads bills, writes bills, and responds to emails of concerned Hoosiers. He also gives out a phone number that rings to his personal cell phone.

One candidate seems focused on personal aspirations, the other focused on Hoosiers.

One candidate seems to be using Indiana’s 6th District for a paycheck. The other wants to cut that paycheck by 70%

One candidate voted against requiring FISA warrants. The Other will resign if he votes to strip Constitutional rights.

One candidate has spent over $1.7 Million in the 2010 election cycle. The other has spent less than $1,000

Isn’t it time for Hoosiers to consider “The Other Guy”?


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