Sign Phyllis Klosinksi’s Petition for Redress of Grievance to the Indiana Senate

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Petition for Redress of Grievance to Indiana Senate via Senator David Long, President Pro Tempore

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If you are an inhabitant of the State or own property subject to property taxes located anywhere with the State boundaries of Indiana you are represented by the entire membership of the Indiana General Assembly, as each Legislator has the right to exercise the vote to pass or fail legislation. Each vote cast by any Member is binding on all taxpayers subject to property taxation regardless of place of residence.

Your signature on this Petition will register your dissatisfaction with the law which currently only allows an individual taxpayer owning 10% or more of the assessed value in the taxing unit (county, city, town, special taxing district) to object and appeal the budget, tax rate or levy of the political taxing unit levying the property tax you must pay the County Treasurer under penalty of law and seizure of your property for non payment. You need not reside in the State of Indiana; property ownership is the standing for your right to appeal the property tax. Being an inhabitant of the State provides your Constitutional Right to Petition for Redress.

In order to protect the right of every individual to appeal you should also sign the Petition to the Indiana House of Representatives if you are an inhabitant or own property in Indiana subject to property taxation. We do not know which Legislator or which branch of the General Assembly will present this grievance to the Floor for redress so we must apply equally to all Legislators and both Chambers to insure the Petition is presented to the floor for correction of the law which prohibits an individual from exercising their guaranteed equal right to object to a property tax. Inhabitants living in or taxpayers owning property in Senate District 40 and/or House Districts 65 and 60 should also sign those appropriate Petitions to the named Legislators.

This Petition for Redress along with all counterparts directed at other specified Legislators and the two directed to the entire House of Representatives and the entire Senate will be copied, secured and available for inspection by the media. Delivery will be by Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested, or should we acquire an appointment with the Legislators in person with the delivery recorded. We take your objection to this unequal law with the utmost responsibility and every effort to obtain the most effective, recorded delivery will be employed.

Sign the petition here!

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