2015 Candidates

2015 Candidates

Allen County

Tabitha Dyck – Fort Wayne City Council at large

Clark County

Russell Brooksbank – Clarksville Town Council District 2

Greg Hertzsch – Clarksville Town Council District 1

Thomas Keister Clarksville Town Council District 3

Clinton County

Jaime Juaquin McKinney – Mayor of Frankfort

Tony Clarkson- Frankfort Council seat 2

James Nease – Frankfort Council seat 4

Elkhart County

Arlen Ambler – Goshen City Council at large

Grant County

Chris Rayment – Marion City Council at Large

LaPorte County

Nick Hamill – Michigan City Mayor

Madison County

Robert Jozwiak – Anderson Mayor
Tracey Walser – Anderson City Clerk
Brad Kirby – Anderson City Council at Large
Chris Nealis – Anderson City Council District #5
Robert Walser – Anderson City Council District #6

Marion County

Sam Goldstein – Indianapolis City Council District 2
Chris Bowen – Indianapolis City Council District 3
Michael Gunyon – Indianapolis City Council District 12
Laurie Works – Indianapolis City Council District 15

Douglas McNaughton – Indianapolis City Council District 23

Michael Jasper – Indianapolis City Council District 25

Monroe County

Dave Nakarado – Bloomington City Council District 1

Montgomery County

Adam Hutchison – Crawfordsville City Council

Vanderburgh County

Bart Gadau – Evansville City Council-1st Ward

Robert Myers – Evansville City Council At-Large

Warrick County

Melinda Mitchell – Newburgh Town Council District 1

Wayne County

Kamara Gard – Mayor of Richmond

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